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Published on November 7, 2022

Our true love, and Spirit Expert, Matt Searles, is giving us…

20ml Mozart White Chocolate 
5ml La Fee NV Absinthe

Easily Layered, shaken or poured straight in.


Inspired by the Chocolate Fairy Cocktail which combines equal parts Absinthe & Crème de Cacao Blanc with ½ Orange Curacao. This can also be made as a large shooter.

25ml Absinthe

25cl Crème de Cacao Blanc

12.5ml Orange Curacao

Garnish: Candied Orange Peel

20ml White Rum 
5ml Cointreau       
Squeeze Lime over the top.


Best to give the customer the lime so they can squeeze it over their hand. Watch out. Things can get real sticky.


Inspired by the long overlooked Cuban cocktail built much like the margarita, only with Rum instead of the tequila.

50ml White Rum

25ml Lime Juice

12.5ml Cointreau

10ml Sugar Syrup


Thought to first have been invited in Havana Bar La Florida in 1935. 


15ml Scotch Whisky  
10ml Orange Juice  
Dust with Cinnamon


Great for doing multiple shots, especially with a torch on hand, as it drums up all kinds of Christmas feels; dusting Cinnamon over the top while cinders fly as they hit the flame.               


15ml Gin 
15ml Crème de Banane 
15ml Fino Sherry 


Inspired by 2019’s Diageo World Class bartender, Cameron Attfield who designed the drink to the below spec while behind the bar at London’s Dadelyan bar, which riffed off the 2002 drink ‘London Calling’ from Chris Jepson, working at the time at London’s Milk & Honey (without the banana).


This is a great one to put a slice of banana in the shot glass to see if guests can drink around the banana slice.


45ml Lucky Sod 

Topped with Whipped Cream



Like those rose tinted memories of someone you may rather forget. Deep, Smoky, a whirlwind of fun – even if short lived.  



This ones got so much goodness, only a whipped hat could do to pair perfectly for a DIY cream shooter.


They say the demons will only truly recoil upon seeing a the shot consumed with a cross in hand, sorting the smelliest of onion string necklace.


Rim the shot glass with Lemon Juice

25ml Fireball



For a bomb, drop into apple juice, Sparkling apple juice or Soda & Apple Juice.


This ones real easy, and a lot of fun to get customers exploring the range.


Add Sugar syrup and Lemon Juice to one Shot glass

Add a shot of Dead Man’s Finger’s (Choose your Flavour) Rum


Drop both into a cup of ginger ale.


Based on the popular 1800’s style of drink, the ‘sling’ where a base spirit is added to sugar & lemon juice, lengthened by soda or ginger ale.


12.5ml Disaronno Matcha

12.5ml DMF Strawberry or Raspberry Cream


Mix both of these up (shake for best results, or layer if you’ve got the masterful hand) for an unbelievable fresh fruity flavour. The Matcha gives brilliant fresh vegetal balance to the exceptional creamy goodness of the new liqueurs from Dead Man’s Finger


5ml Blue Curacao
20ml Scorch Chilli Liqueur


Base the glass with Blue Curacao in true disco fashion. Top with Scorch, and nows your time to really show off on the gram. Get the Umbrellas, Get the pineapple Wedges, Heck get the cheese & Pickled onions – No garnish is too much for this mini mad’yin. Spicy, sweet – a banging little Christmas treat.



20ml QuiQuiRiQui Espain Mezcal (Pronounced Key-Key-Ri-Key)
5ml RinQinQin (Pronounced rin-can-can) 


Keep this one a secret. Only for those in the know. Floral, Flavoursome and full of power. The spinach to your Popeye. The Hammer to your Thor. This baby comes with all the promises.


Make it a Qui Ri Bomb by dropping it into a vat of boiling ac…. I mean Pink Grapefruit Soda. Paloma please…  don’t be messing around. Get them in.  


A shot of Jager Cold Brew

A shot of pickle juice

Inspired by the ‘Pickle Back’ a 2006 invention from US bartender Reggie Cunningham, where you chase a shot of pickle juice after your shot of Bourbon. Somehow, some way removing any burn and preserving all that boozily-enhanced goodness. Swap out the Bourbon for a Jager Cold Brew for spice, coffee and a beautiful sweetness.   

25ml Spearhead Scotch Whisky 
1 Beer 


This list of shots and shooters could not forget one of the greatest ways of a shot of whisky. The Boilermaker.

Thought to be developed by steelworkers in western Pennsylvania, while most tend to serve the shot of whisky alongside the beer to show off the great characteristics of both the beer & whisky, originally the shot was meant to be filled then pressed against an upside down Pint glass, where it is then flipped and filled with beer. Give it a go, and see if customers can manage drinking the whole beer without mixing the shot of beer.


A Lager, specifically pilsner tends to work best though we’ve tried Spearhead with lagers, Pales and stouts. It’s bloody lovely stuff. Maybe the favourite new product to come out of 2022.


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Matt is DWUK’s own Spirit Expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry, ready to bring passion and flavour to the world of spirits. He is driven to diversify our customer offerings by further exploring flavour profiles and tasting notes. Matt also wants to educate our customers so they can be the best they can be with the right tools and a bit of fun! 

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