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Published on July 11, 2022

The History of the Mojito

Where was this magical cocktail born? 

Mojitos are loved by many, but have been perfected by few.


There are a couple of theories surrounding the origins of the Mojito; however, all are about one man in particular – Sir Francis Drake. In 1586, Sir Francis Drake and his crew anchored at the Cuban shore of Havana with the intention to plunder the city for the Aztec gold in the royal treasury. Consequently, the El Draque cocktail was born in Cuba to reflect the momentous event, even though Sir Francis was not successful. It was composed of aguardiente (a cane-spirit precursor to rum), lime, mint and sugar. Origins of the new name ‘Mojito’ are unknown; however, some say, as it was initially consumed for medicinal purposes, it comes from the African word ‘mojo’, meaning to place a little spell.


  • Several mint leaves
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • 60ml white rum
  • 45ml freshly squeezed lime
  • Club soda
  • Mint sprig and lime wedge to garnish



Lightly muddle the mint with the simple syrup in a shaker. Add the rum, lime juice and ice, and give it a brief shake, then strain into a highball glass over fresh ice. Alternatively, you can use pebble ice instead and gently swizzle it all together. Top with the club soda and garnish with a mint sprig and lime wheel.


  • 120ml seedless watermelon, chopped
  • 4 large mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon agave nectar
  • 15ml lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • 45ml white rum
  • Lemon twist to garnish



In a shaker, muddle the watermelon and mint with the agave nectar and lime juice. Add the rum and fill the shaker with ice. Shake until well chilled, and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

 The infusion of subtle nut, wood and dried-fruit flavours develop in these rums as they mature in our charred wood barrels. 

A subtle blend of crystal clear rum, blended with natural essence of coconut. Suitable in cocktails, mixers or serve on its own with ice.

Spice and caramel on the nose, lime peel and black pepper with a hint of macadamia nut on the pallet. A delightfully clean white rum.

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