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Published on August 3, 2022

Creators. Originators. Rulebreakers. Spearheads. 

Spearhead Single Grain Scotch Whisky is a fusion of new-age thinking with the DNA of a historic distillery with over 200 years of distilling experience that has brought them along an pioneering journey. Considered a bit of a rule-breaker, Spearhead is crafted from a single grain in the spirit of originality and change. Within the modern wonders of the spirits world, this whisky acknowledges the time-honoured practices of the finest whiskies the world has to offer. However, rules were made to be broken and the spark of free spirit must be followed. By taking a new path, with conventional scotch being the starting point, Spearhead diverts to the new-age of whisky, stepping outside the box with a product that celebrates this innovation.

Spearhead uses 100% malted barley and a longer fermentation process of 92(ish) hours. They then carry out a continuous distillation process within a copper coffey still – not a pot still. The whisky matures in ex-bourbon barrels which adds to the lighter and sweeter flavour. Spearhead finishes their whisky in traditional and infrared toasted barrels for 6 months. Toast levels are set to the appropriate level to extract properties in the wood to give sweet notes, which are impossible to come by with traditional toasting.


50ml Spearhead 

150ml Ginger Ale 


Fill highball glass with ice. 

Add all ingredients. 

Garnish with a wedge of lime. 


50ml Spearhead 

10ml Campari 

15ml lemon juice 

10ml simple syrup 

20ml mandarin juice



Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker 

with ice and shake. 

Double strain into a tumbler filled with ice. 

Top with premium tonic. 

Garnish with pineapple leaf. 


Violet floral notes, dark berries, such as blackcurrant and blackberry, vanilla pods caramel and dark chocolate. 


Velvety mouthfeel rolls over the tongue. Red apple with lime citrus, vanilla fudge and light brown sugar. 


Long, smooth and sweet with melted brown sugar. 

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