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Published on December 9, 2022

Christmas in a cup.

The holidays are almost upon us with the cold weather creeping in, even more so this year with the energy crisis, and the anticipation of Christmas on the horizon. Therefore, nothing is better that a warming glass of mulled wine to awaken that sense memory of joyous Christmas markets and warming festive spice. 


After customers have been out in the cold, nothing is as inviting as a mug of warmed mulled wine filled with traditional cinnamon sticks, colourful dried citrus and the perfect star anise flowers. Mulled wine brings the smells and thoughts of Christmas flooding back whatever the season. Herbs and spices have been used for centuries to cover the flavours of spoilt food and drink, especially wine that did not have preservatives or proper sealing methods. The Victorians popularised mulled wine in the UK with author Charles Dickens writing of a spiced wine in his classic festive tale, A Christmas Carol. He called the drink a “Smoking Bishop”; however, Mrs Beeton‘s Book of Household Management describes using spices to “mull wine”. Mrs Beeton was not trying to hide spoiled flavours but to transform the wine into a multisensory experience. Spices can really give our senses a great workout, with the complex smells and tastes that go along with them. 

Maple Falls Mulled Wine is an aromatic wine infused with the rich flavour of orange, lemon, red berry fruits, and the traditionally festive spice including nutmeg and cinnamon. Try warm to enjoy as a festive favourite treat or cold to add a seasonal festiveness to your cocktail or punch. This wine is the perfect treat for any festive celebration or treat. 

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