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Published on November 28, 2023.

What’s your proposition?

Attention-spans are short, people over stimulated and choice is at an all-time high. Customers demand more of us as hospitality operators every
single day. Advice from industry leaders is resounding. The key to success lies in understanding what your customers are truly seeking from their destination. It’s not just about the drinks or the food; it’s about creating memorable experiences. Crafting an enticing proposition that not only attracts patrons but keeps them engaged while in venue, returning time and time again

This leaves us with one question on our minds:
USP (unique selling proposition) is nothing new in business. We all know that we have to set ourselves apart. All to often that leaves us looking
more to the competition than the customers. Range, price point, menu and décor are all great ways to look to operate differently. Customers are
then enticed to explore, but doesn’t drive much in the way of loyalty. How do we promote loyalty?

“a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or revered objects”
We’d short-change ourselves by cutting straight to the objects (our menu products) when ACTIVITY is the prominent word on the lips of today’s
consumers. Experience lead operators are leaning more and more to what people are actually doing in their venues. Driving reasons to interact with other guests as well as members of staff as well as the entertainment. Venues such as flight club, Swingers and most recently Fair Game have all worked hard to focus on a drinks offering that compliments the activity of guests rather than as the central draw. It’s this flip of focuses that is making this area of hospitality the fastest growing sector. Consider the collective desires and preferences of your customers, but don’t be afraid to tend to a specific group in your proposition. Your customers will typically prefer exploring options in a public setting since they’re not sat at home exploring their own collection. They’re intrigued and they’re captive. Help them to engage more. What could give them more reason to visit, explore your menu and interact with others in the venue?

No, not airplanes. Drinks Flights. 

“A selection of drinks, usually smaller measures than typically offered on menu to allow guests a chance to explore a range of products, be it rums, gins, whiskies, wines or beers at a reduced cost.” 

Feedback from venues across London and the South East, specifically those who have seen the biggest growth, has been distilled down to the
following steps, and with it, why we think whisky flights are your best first step into enhancing your proposition.

Create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages patrons to interact with your staff and fellow customers. Instead of relying exclusively on taste of the product, promote discussions current activity and usage, origins, and stories. Highlight other venues. It’s not just about the transaction, but the relationship you build with your customers. Trigger continual reasons to engage. This approach not only enriches the experience but also prolongs dwell time, a crucial factor for sales per hour (SPH).

Recognize that today’s consumers are well-informed, and while fickle in their exploration, opportunity for brand loyalty is strong. Make it easy for
them to explore your offering on their terms. Provide tasting mats with essential facts and information to facilitate discussions and curiosity. Simplicity and fun are key.

Embrace the concept of small measures, following the trend set by wine tastings and craft beer. Offer smaller servings of premium spirits like
whisky to make them more accessible and allow patrons to sample a variety of options, resulting in an enhanced experience.

Extend your venue’s appeal by considering what else patrons can do while enjoying their drinks. Encourage interaction (with people and tasks)
through focus driving and conversation-starting materials, helping guests have a good time without pressure.

One of the most impactful additions you can make is offering flights. Instead of having customers choose one option, provide them with a selection of mini-serves and accompaniments, be it water, ice or garnish. This strategy encourages exploration, enhances the guest experience, and turns your venue into a destination for a unique drinking journey. Offering more than one flight option, especially within a category like whisky almost always delivers further sales, even if through other products, driven by curiosity. Given people’s price anchoring bias, offering a higher price flight, will lead to adding further value to your cheaper option, driving overall sales. With Connoisseurs and novices alike; empowered to explore the range you have on the back bar at a pace that is their own. Drink Warehouse UK are creating a range of tasting mats to be printed by your account manager or at any time in venue. We have compiled an extensive list of product facts and tasting notes, as well as a roster of experts to come and sample the whiskies for your guests and staff in your venue for either a private training session or event for your guests. It’s your choice whether to make that free or ticketed. We don’t mind, and I’m sure the brands won’t either if they know good people are drinking their exceptional tasting whiskies. 


To be in with a chance to get one of our brilliant whisky experts down to your venue for a masterclass, all you have to do is:
– Ask your Account Manager for a tasting sheet to match your whiskies.
– Add a photo to social media of your whisky flight with the Hashtag
In January, we’ll go through the hashtags and contact you directly about getting one of the experts in your venue.

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Matt Searles

Matt is DWUK’s own Spirit Expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry, ready to bring passion and flavour to the world of spirits. He is driven to diversify our customer offerings by further exploring flavour profiles and tasting notes. Matt also wants to educate our customers so they can be the best they can be with the right tools and a bit of fun! 

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