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Published on September 19, 2022

A buzzing brewery reflecting its namesake.

Brixton Brewery started in 2013 and has been brewing in melting-pot of south London ever since. Everything they do is supercharged with the buzz and electricity as it welcomes new people and ideas to their locally-crafted beers. 


Brought to life by an intrepid generation looking replicate the culture, arts, music and food that represents Brixton in all its glory. From market stalls to a hip nightlife, Brixton Brewery reflects the very atmosphere of its namesake where people are welcomed from all corners of the world as Brixton believes that people of all backgrounds contribute to make a community greater than the sum of its parts.


All beer is hand-crafted in small batches and is always unpasteurised and unfiltered for maximum flavour. There are two modern brewhouses; a smaller 10hl kit in the original railway arch location where all experimentation happens. All bigger batches are made on the 50hl three-vessel system just up the road at their main production site. A Brixton twist to traditional brewing styles is used as they add the best ingredients that they can get their hands on, whether sourced from our local markets, or much further afield. The resulting beers are tasty, refreshing and perfectly balanced for easy-drinking.

Brixton Brewery blend the finest malted barley with hot water in a mash tun, transforming the malt starches into a sweet and flavoursome golden liquid called wort. This ‘malt tea’ is then transferred to the brew kettle, leaving the spent grain behind.

The flavour of the beer really starts to develop as the wort is brought to a rolling boil in a brew kettle to sterilise, stabilise and drive off any unwanted flavours. Bittering hops are added and boiled to extract their alpha acids to give the beers balance.

The whirlpool process preserves a maximum hop flavour, by adding a generous dose of ‘hot-side’ hops and extract aromas and flavours through a gentle spinning motion. This also clarifies the beer, drawing solids to the centre of the vessel, filtering the liquids. 

Millions of tiny yeast cells are added to the wort, inside a fermentation tank, which ferments sugars into alcohol, heat and C02. The yeast, as well as any dry-hops, fruit or spices, are added here. Experimenting here is part of the fun of creating new brews. 

Brixton then mature and condition their beers in a bright beer tank at low temperatures. This helps to stabilise and develop the beer’s flavour and look, before C02. At this point, the beer is fresh, flavoursome and ready to be packaged and enjoyed.

As a growing business, Brixton Brewery is completely community-based, staying connected to the local area which continues to support and sustain the brand. Which is why they are always looking for ways to do better and give back as well as taking care of their hard-working team including: 

  • Brixton Brewery sponsor the Brixton Chamber Orchestra – a full chamber orchestra (and charitable organisation) that includes a diverse range of musicians and musical styles – from grime to classic pop to gospel – keeps its community performances free and accessible to all. 
  • The Taproom is available for free for the use of local charities and organisations for events and has hosted book launches, dance-a-thons and food bank collections. 
  • Brixton raise money for organisations including Age UK Lambeth, Vauxhall City Farm, Ebony Horse ClubNorwood & Brixton FoodbankMigrateful and UpCYCLE.
  • Working with local businesses makes the community stronger so Brixton work hard to shine a light on other businesses working hard to make it in the local area. They are also active members of the Brixton Business Improvement District (Brixton BID) and have worked closely with smaller businesses to give them wider exposure. 
  • Brixton has embraced a range of improvements on environment and sustainability, including working alongside Repowering London to install solar panels on the brewery roof, swapping delivery vans out for an electric model and moved from bottles to cans, which are a more sustainable option.

This American-style pale ale unleashes all the juicy tropical mix where exotic aromas and flavours compete for passing attention. Brewed with extra pale malt and a deluge of aroma hops. 

This perfectly balanced & easy-drinking. Low Voltage may be more laid-back but it still delivers a powerful hop hit and a jolt of zesty citrus flavours from New World hops: all the flavour of an IPA, but at session strength.

Biscuity malts, pine aromas and citrus flavours. An easy drinking beer for all occasions. English Maris Otter barley provides a clean, crisp backdrop to bright hop flavours. 

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