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Published on July 25, 2022

Great drinks that don’t cost the earth. 

With environmental and ethical concerns at the top of their agenda, Kingsdown believe it is their duty to produce drinks in the most environmentally responsible way and be a leader in the environmental market. They commissioned an independent carbon audit in 2014 to gain an accurate measure of the exact carbon emissions they produce. Armed with this information, they were able to reduce carbon emissions in a number of key areas in production and distribution processes. Since then, they have taken various steps, including investing in tree planting schemes and hydroelectric projects in central America, to offset the remaining carbon emissions and achieve a carbon neutral status. 


Kingsdown Water and Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés are only available in glass bottles. As well as being tactile and premium, glass is the most sustainable packaging material on the planet. It is 100% and infinitely recyclable. They make new bottles from melting recycled glass which uses far less energy than using new raw materials – every tonne of glass re-melted saves 246 kg of carbon dioxide emissions. 


Kingsdown also recycle everything they can. All empty pallets are all re-used, waste cardboard and polythene packaging is recycled, and the spring water used for rinsing new bottles is filtered and returned to the aquifer.

The handcrafted, luxury soft drinks are made from Kingsdown natural spring water which is blended with the highest quality fruit juices. Gently sparkling to give a bubbly feeling on the tongue, highlighting the meticulously sourced and handpicked fruit juices. With a choice of Sicilian lemons, Spanish oranges, British rhubarb, apples, wild elderflowers and blackcurrants, Kingsdown only choose the highest quality ingredients. Sourcing fruit juices from the right producer growing the right variety of fruit is essential, whether it’s Timperley rhubarb juice from DC Williamson, a family run soft fruit farm on the Essex/Suffolk borders, or lemon juice from Vincenzo Corleone’s lemon groves in Sicily. The highest quality natural fruit juices blended with the purest of spring waters produce sparkling pressés of incomparable quality.


The stylish glass bottles by award-winning design agency Lewis Moberly are perfect for dinner parties, family get togethers, summer lunch parties, and pub garden fun. 

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