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Published on January 6, 2023

Wait… not all wine is vegan?

People can no longer ignore the vast amount of positive impacts from maintaining a vegan diet. Taking a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation and demonstrating true compassion for animals everywhere is not the only amazing positive thing this a plant-based lifestyle can give you. It has great effects on your health as you consume a more nutritious diet. Research suggests that the vegan diet is shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and lower the rates of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


With Veganuary beginning on January 1st, the vegan culture has exponentially taken off in the last decade can be celebrated. As we know, the production or meat and other animal products places a heavy burden on the environment. Veganism can be celebrated for its sustainability that lowers your carbon footprint. This plant-based diet only requires one-third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet and with the rising global food and water insecurities, this is a great way to live sustainably.


Vegan wine is a great introduction to this lifestyle and can be introduced to any venue’s wine list. Drink Warehouse UK offer a vast range of vegan wines that can pair with many dishes and appease your customers.

From the Australian of Victoria, Stone’s Throw Shiraz is a soft blend of the shiraz and Syrah grape and is a great example of a Victorian Shiraz with easy drinkability. Full of bramble fruits and a gentle spice with aromatic elegance. Great with roasted Moroccan-spiced vegetables. Also from the same vineyard, Stone’s Throw Malbec is more chocolatey with a dark appeal. The crisp minerality paired with a morello cherry compote allows drinkers to be transported to a succulent and lusciously smooth palette with a salty finish. Pairs perfectly with portobello mushrooms and roasted aubergine.

A great Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is Alameda Sauvignon Blanc which comes from the Central Valley region and is the ideal accompaniment to a fresh salad full of leafy vegetables and greens. Crisp acidity and grassiness, this flinty wine is typical of the warmer climate wines. The perfect pairing for a pasta dish would be the Jean Claude Mas Rural Par Nature ‘Organic’ Blanc; the fantastic blend of Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc grapes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France. The crisp acidity of the tropical notes mixed with the lightly toasted tones of vanilla and hazelnuts are balanced to give a varied palette of flavour. 


Bella Giuliana Pinot Grigio Rosé is a crowd-pleasing wine from Grada, Italy and is surprisingly crisp on the palette. Paired with a lighter meal, or rice dish, this rosé is perfect in warmer weather with touches of orchard fruits and lighter red berries. Another Italian rosé from the region of Veneto is Cortefresia Pinot Grigio Blush which demonstrates a perfect balance of luscious red fruit and red blossom on the palette.

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