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Published on April 14, 2023.

An Italian beer, made for the table.

Angelo Poretti was a committed beer enthusiast with a curious mind and a desire to innovate and experiment. So, after travelling the length and breadth of Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria, he was able to find the best quality hops and learn the secrets of brewing exceptional beer. Upon return to his hometown of Valganna in northern Italy, Angelo Poretti started work building the brewery, or birrificio, at the foot of the Campo Dei Fiori hills. He numbered each beer after the amount of hops variants used in the brewing process creating a unique collection of beers that are specifically made to enjoy with food.


Today, the Brewmasters at Birrificio Angelo Poretti in Valganna continues his legacy by selecting and combining different hop varieties to create unique and incredible beers. With hard-earned experience and knowledge of beer-making with a spark of unpredictability and creativity that comes from their Italian background, they can deliver amazing taste experiences. They are also still creating perfect beers to be paired with food, but also to inspire curiousity into their customers, just like Angelo Poretti in 1877. 

Birrifcio Angelo Poretti beer is made from a combination of 4 hops to inspire new taste adventures. With its sparkling effervescence, full bodied sweetness and distinct hoppy bitterness, it has a natural affinity with a wide range of foods. The sweet Italian malt complements salty foods like cheese, charcuterie, wood-fired pizza and even aromatic crispy duck. Herbal Columbus and spicy Zeus hops enhance the flavours in dishes like Phad Thai, Biryani, Arrabiata sauce and Steak Bearnaise. The lively carbonation will cut through oily foods such as fish and chips, smoked salmon, tempura prawns and succulent roast leg of lamb. Birrificio Angelo Poretti is versatile enough to enhance a simple bowl of olives, a light lunch or a gastronomic dinner. A beer which deserves its place on the dining table.

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