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Published on February 13, 2023.

New Product: Duppy Share Spiced Rum

Award-winning Caribbean Rum.

Duppy Share Spiced Rum is a blend of 2-year Aged rums from Jamaica and Barbados spiced with vibrant Pineapple, Kola nut and Island spicesCaribbean legend has it that “duppies” or dark spirits haunt the oceans and swoop in stealing the best share of the rum whilst it’s distilling. This is the “Duppy Share” which this award-winning brand takes it’s name from.


This award-winning spiced rum was given 2* at the prestigious Great Taste Awards for its aromatic aged flavour is naturally spiced with ginger, vanilla, cola, grapefruit, pineapple, clove, nutmeg, basil and orange. Perfectly balanced and uniquely complex, this rum is designed to pair perfectly with any mixer. Similar to whisky, where a certain amount of spirit is lost during distillation, a small amount of rum evaporates whilst it ages in barrels. Their aged rum is a mix of aged Caribbean rums from two of the most elite distilleries in the world. Combining a 3-year old 100% Pot Still rum from the Worthy Park Distillery, Jamaica combined with a 5-year old 100% Column Still rum from the Foursquare Distillery, Barbados, it’s a versatile and balanced rum. 

Mai Tai


40ml The Duppy Share Aged Rum

10ml Cointreau

15ml Lime Juice

50ml Orange Juice

10ml Orgeat Almond Syrup

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First add your lime juice into a shaker. One quarter of a lime squeezed should give you 10ml. Next, add Orgeat Almond Syrup. After this pour in orange juice and Cointreau. Finally, add your rum. Add cubed ice to your shaker tin, seal it, and shake well.

Finally, fine strain (also known as double straining) your cocktail into a chilled rocks glass filled with fresh cubed ice. Garnish with a cherry.

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