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Published on  November 18, 2022

The Colourful World of Soda.

Soda Folk is a soft drinks brand that champions big flavour. With top notch ingredients and reimagined recipes, their colourful soda range will take you back in time and quench your thirst for drinks that don’t compromise. Their mission is to be the true Champions of Flavour. Creating star-studded sodas using awesome ingredients to reinvent world-famous flavours. They also like to champion the Good Folk! Those unsung heroes in life whose good deeds deserve fizzy recognition. See below for some of the heroes of their cans! 

Krishna Raghvani

The latest member to join the Soda Folk family of real-life heroes is Krishna Raghvani, who was nominated by work colleague Hannah, who describes Krishna as “one of the most selfless people I have ever had the fortune of meeting”.


Krishna constantly looks for ways to give back to the community, whether that be through volunteering at homeless shelters in London, raising awareness for Black Lives Matter and minority groups in her workplace or organising fundraising events for worthwhile causes such as women’s refuges. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, she immediately signed up to help vulnerable people in her local community by delivering prescriptions and helping people with their grocery shopping.

Shannon McAuliffe

Shannon McAuliffe was chosen for the boat-load of good deeds he performs every day.

Shannon is a skilled chef who found himself with time on his hands and no one to cook for when he was placed on furlough. Not one to sit on his hands, he founded Feed The Nation – an initiative which provides good food to the people who need it most.

Jim Elliott (Left)

Jim was furloughed during the 2020 lockdown, but instead of chilling, like a can of soda, he jumped in his canoe to begin a clean up operation of Grimsby’s historic waterway, the River Freshney.

Known locally as the ‘Canoe River Cleaner’, Jim’s voyage continues to provide a cleaner habitat for wildlife and a natural beauty spot that Grimbarian’s can be proud of.

Mike Miller-Smith (Right)

Mike’s dream of being a commercial pilot was cut short when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a neurological condition that has taken away his ability to move. 


Despite this, Mike took his passion for flying and founded Aerobility, a charity that offers thousands of disabled people from across the world a chance to fly a plane.

Bursting with the flavour of soft, ripe blueberries. It’s a refreshing mix of natural sweetness with a juicy sharpness.

With over 50% natural fruit juices* this Cherry Soda delivers boat loads of flavour with hints of sharpness and a refreshing but not-too-sweet finish.

Refreshingly different, rich, rewarding and indulgent. Root Beer with a splash of real Canadian maple syrup.

A Cream Soda with auburn tones, a touch of cedar smokiness to add depth, and made with the finest ingredients.

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