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Published on November 14, 2023.

The latest on wine.

2023 is coming to an end and emerging wine regions are starting to take centre stage. Marquee locations like Burgundy and Napa have seen fires, frost, and drought. With prices high and supplies limited in those areas, younger winemakers are turning elsewhere to purchase grapes or vineyard land. Buyers seeking bargains for shelves and lists will find them in unsung regions, and consumers will follow pros to new parts of the wine world. Classic regions have remained stagnant for so long that innovative producers are shaking up the industry with some incredible wines. Keep an eye out for emerging vineyards, and do not write them off just because of the label, see for yourself.

Natural wine is a hotly debated subject and English wine producers are taking on the challenge more and more over recent years with minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar and the use of naturally occurring yeast. There is also a lack of filtration, making the wines appear cloudy. Natural wine is not for everyone but converts are passionate.  And with an increasing interest in the environment and low intervention production, this is an English wine trend that will endure beyond 2023.


Moving into the new year, we can expect a lot more hybrid varieties of grape, especially from the U.S.; however, their will also be a massive incline in indigenous grapes as we move towards a sustainable future in wine. Ancient, native grape varieties and new hybrids that can handle extreme growing conditions go hand-in-hand with emerging regions. Though many hybrids are so new they won’t hit drinkers’ glasses for some years, their cultivation is trending among winemakers.

The days of ever-boozier bottles are over as an increasing number of wine consumers are concentrating on their health and wellness. No- and low-alcohol wines represent a healthier alternative to this demographic. No- and low-alcohol wines are also paying attention to the legal drinking age Gen-Z consumer and younger millennials as they are moderating their alcohol intake unlike any generation before them.

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