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Published on September 4, 2023.

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California has over 427,000 acres of vineyards, mostly found in the stretch of land covering 700 miles from Mendocino County to the southwestern tip of Riverside County. California accounts for nearly 90% of American wine production and is a vital element to New World wine. With great geographical and climatic diversity up and down the length of the state, a wide range of styles and quality including popular varietals like pinot noir and zinfandel – as well as lesser-known grape varietals – can flourish. California’s warm weather pairs with the cooling influence from the Pacific Ocean, which balances the intense heat and sun.

Vineyards close to the Pacific Ocean enjoy a cooling effect from the water, and in places like Santa Barbara and the Sonoma Coast, fog also plays an essential part in moderating the temperature of the grapes. This is compared to valley sites that are inland such as Central Valley
which has a Mediterranean climate with a thick fog that settles along the valley’s length during the late autumnal months until early spring, supplying variation from deliciously creamy Chardonnays to ripe, fruitforward Zinfandels. Hillside vineyards, on the other hand, thrive in the sunshine but grapes retain their balance through cooling winds

Scott Malyon, Wine Development and Training Manager. 

Renowned globally, California stands tall in the world of wine, boasting diverse flavours stemming from its ideal climate and innovative techniques. From coastal coolness to inland warmth, California’s climate suits an array of grapes, allowing vintners to capture sunlight, ocean breezes, & temperature variations. Varying microclimates and soils offer distinct wine traits. Coastal regions produce refined Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, while inland valleys yield robust Cabs and Zinfandels. California marries old-world methods with modern experimentation, birthing exceptional wines that echo tradition while embracing progress. In sum, California’s wine mastery, born from diverse climates, innovative methods, & a commitment to sustainability, solidifies its place as a global wine leader. Did you know, that 81% of all wine from the USA comes from the ‘Golden State’ and get this – in 2021, over 3500 tons of wine were produced. That’s about the same weight as 150 whale sharks!

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Chloe Lewis

Chloe looks after all copywriting and proof-reading for Drink Warehouse UK, working with the Marketing team to deliver educational content to all our customers. She has spent many years in the hospitality sector, moving from behind the bar to now helping venues to stock their own. You can find more from Chloe about beer, cider, spirits, wine, non-alcoholic, soft drinks and RTDs all over our blogs, website, social media and Set The Bar magazine. 

Scott Malyon

Scott is Sheridan Cooper’s new wine expert, with 15 years experience in the wine industry. His main mission is to ensure that wine is inclusive and not exclusive and to ensure that people who enjoy a glass of wine, really see that it is as much a part of popular culture as anything else. Scott believes in immersive education around wine, removing any fluff and nonsense that would otherwise confuse people. There are over 12,000 grapes on this planet that make wine, and so Scott wants to make sure that this is reflected within our wine portfolio to satisfy wine drinkers that seek both comfort and a little discomfort and adventure by trying new things.

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